Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

My Dearest Robert,

How fucking classy was that opening? It was like something out of a Jane Austen novel. But that’s what we do…we keep it classy.  Today is your 32nd birthday. I got to talk to you for a little while, me looking out at beautiful water on an 85 degree day and you looking out at miserable cold.  Oh, how I wished you were looking out at the beautiful water. But even me being in the miserable cold would have been worth being with you. It’s amazing how far apart we actually are geographically, yet how close I still feel to you. Our weekly calls are my lifeline. You have kept me in stitches for the past 14 years. You have kept cancer funny and entertaining. At the same time you have been angry for me and let me be sad when I needed to be sad. But you never let me pity party. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. You always tell it to me straight. Every moment of ups and downs in my adult life have involved you. You are simultaneously my rock and my better half. Because I don’t think I would every be truly whole had I not met you that first week in McCrady.

February 17th is one of my favorite days – the day you were born made my world a better place. And it doesn’t matter if it is cold or hot or pouring rain, it will always be one of my brightest days. You make my world special. You make our world better. You are so brave and sassy and yet kind and considerate. You make a mean martini while giving sympathetic advice. You are one of the most talented artists I have ever met. You have one of the most generous and forgiving hearts. If only we could all be like Robert Parker. I miss you more than words can express. And when we see each other again, my heart will be whole again. I love everything about you and would not change one hair on your 32 year old head. Happy Happy Birthday, Darling Robert! I love you to infinity and beyond. So when is the next cruise?


Kim Coyle


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