Healthy and Ready for Round 2

I saw my doctor yesterday. It was my first follow-up since chemo number one. I think I was subconsciously a little apprehensive about this appointment. Maybe I, like my students, thought that all would happen during round one. As if I would get to the doctor and he would say I’m so sorry but your white cells are low or you have some infection. It has all seemed too easy so far. The only real symptom so far is itching. And boy do I itch, especially under my knees and my shoulders. But with a little Benadryl and cream, it is all better.

So, going into the doctor, I was a little nervous. And, of course, I had nothing to worry about. I am healthy as a horse and more than ready for session number two, which will be on the 13th. This session will be the last for the first round – there are six rounds total. After the second round, I will get another PET/CT scan. If it looks like the cancer is responding to the chemo, I will have four more rounds. If it isn’t, then we will discuss next steps. The doctor says he anticipates response based on what he saw in the original diagnostic scans.

Now, we did discuss a port. My arm has been pretty sore since the last round of chemo. Even a week later I can still feel the vein recovering. I was thinking to just switch from arm to arm, but based on what the doctor said about the type of chemo I am getting, a port is less painful and more beneficial for my veins. He said that after several rounds, my veins can start to collapse. Especially from that last little pisser chemo, the one that burns like a bitch! So, it looks like I am getting a port put in after school is completed. I really don’t want another surgery or doctor’s appointment, but understand that, in the long run, a port will be the best and most efficient option.


One thought on “Healthy and Ready for Round 2

  1. My positive thoughts and prayers are for you Kim. I’m rooting for you.
    When I went through 6 1/2 weeks of radiation I worked for 6 of those weeks: They always checked my blood too.
    Donna and I have the BRACA 2 mutation. That is why I She and I in 2015 had a mastectomy on the left breast and reconstruction. Donna had to have a histerectomy too. I had one in 2004 .
    I say we are like Angelina Jolie as she has the mutation to . We make these choices to be well and pray to the lord that better times ahead .
    Love you!


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