Returning to Normal

A lot has happened this past week and a half. And everyone keeps asking why I have not blogged in a while. With school starting up again, plans with friends, weekends away, self-care appointments, doctor’s appointments and dinner dates it has been a wild ride. But all are really good for me. I feel like I am returning back to normal.

Being stagnant was one of the hardest parts about summer. I didn’t have my car yet and we honestly didn’t do very much. There were a few trips here and there, but for most part Mom and I stuck to the apartment. Going back to school was going back to normal. And as much as I want to document these unique moments, I wanted to live them more. So I put off the blogging for a bit and just enjoyed the time with people. My life feels fulfilled. Cancer is an aside. So, to all of my faithful blog readers, I promise to blog more. And there will be some back-blogging about some of the events that I am catching up on, so look out for those.

For my fellow cancer followers, my biggest piece of advice is try as hard as you can to return to normal. If cancer becomes the only part of your daily life then there is no point in getting better. For me, this six months isn’t a hold. This six months is an added obligation to an already filled agenda. And as long as my health holds out, I will get through every one of those items that I can that help me feel normal again.

One thought on “Returning to Normal

  1. Kim – I also wondered why you had not posted anything for a while and am so happy to know that it’s because your life was getting back to normal! No better reason to not write than you were too busy doing things that you love and make you feel good 🙂


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