A Letter to STUCO and Mr. Davidson


I want you to know that I am so proud of you all. You have worked tirelessly for the past few months putting together a coffee house to remember. The decorations looked amazing! Unraveling those banners on the wall gave me goosebumps. And I know some of you put in way more hours than you were asked. So, I thank you.

Coffee House is very important to me. First, because I love seeing all of our talented students, both on and behind the stage. I love that the quiet ones get to belt out ballads and jam on guitars. I love that students are brave enough to stand up in front of a crowd.  Second, I love that we mix students and teachers for one night of pure fun. No Ninjas were amazing and watching the middle school girls turn into full-on groupies for Mr. Paredes made my heart smile. And third, I get to be a little silly and wild without anyone looking at me like I am crazy. Ok, maybe a few looks of “you’re crazy” but I’ll take it. When my doctor asked me when I wanted to start my chemo, I looked at the Coffee House date and counted backwards. I was NOT going to miss it for the world. dcebc455-9596-4aed-8acb-1735a3a1dd3b

I know that you were a little disappointed by the turn out. Next semester we will guilt everyone into coming. And we will make sure to have different and unique acts. But despite our low numbers, those who came, including my mom, were so impressed by all of the work that you put into the event. And my mom loved meeting all of you. I wanted you to know that you make a difference at this school. You are our leaders, our student council. You are the voice of the student body to make your school the best it can be. I am so proud of you and proud to be your co-sponsor. Speaking of…

Dear Mr. Davidson,

You were the face that brought me to UAS. I saw you being silly on the website and said, “I want to teach with that guy.” You are the teacher the students get to MC prom. The teacher the teachers go to for advice. For me, you are the teacher who makes teaching worth it. I cannot think of anyone else who would willingly wear a king’s dress all night long because it is silly and fun and the kids love it. IMG_7203You are at every event. You sponsor every activity. I bet if we asked the kids who their biggest support is at UAS, your name would be at the top. I once had a principal interview me and ask me how I felt about participating in school outside of the classroom. She said relationships form when teachers are involved beyond academics. And I could not agree more. Being the co-sponsor of STUCO with you has made our relationship grow. I cannot imagine anyone else I would have rather spent my Friday night with, nor can I imagine having more fun with anyone else. You play with me. You willingly encourage my silliness. You make me feel better and stronger. And you just make me smile. You are one of the best people I know. You are certainly one of the best teachers I know. Thank you for being our support staff. (See the pun…see what I did there?!). Thank you for the goofy jokes, and costumes, and for banging together two goblets so I could recite Monty Python to an audience that had no clue what I was referencing. You are the best. You are my best. I am proud to teach alongside you. I am privileged to know you. I am humbled being your friend.

With Much Love,

Kim Coyle

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