Chemotherapy Treatment Number Two

I was a little nervous for this one. My lack of symptoms from the last treatment made me think that this one would be my doozy! But I guess my body is stronger than the average bear because this one was easier than the first…no pain, no reactions, no symptoms. And best of all, it flew by. And I contribute it all to my angel on earth, Maria.

Last week, my colleagues Maria and Erin flew into my classroom. They had a proposition for me. Maria wanted to know if I would like her to come with me to really translate the Spanish and Erin was willing to be Maria for my classes that day. I was already feeling weepy and this sent me right over the edge. I know people are great, but the amount of support from people at my school is just overwhelming at times. I told Maria that I would not let her if she had to take a personal day. So the school made sure that she didn’t. Words simply fail me.

Thursday morning Maria picked me and my mom up at 8:15 and we were off to the hospital, chemo bag full of goodies and the cancer binder in tow. I was wearing my crazy lady chemo outfit. Mom says I either look like a small child who got to dress herself that day or a homeless person.

It is only my second session, but the nurses already feel like family. Fiorella is my favorite. She is so gentle and kind. She even kept my coloring markers safe for me after I accidentally left them last time. They had my name on them and were returned in a little plastic bag. They put me in box five this time because they needed to use my right hand for the IV. They alternate hands so that my veins don’t break down too quickly.  Maria was amazing! She translated everything for Mom, reaffirmed that I actually do understand Spanish, and asked any question that we had. She also kept Mom talking so that I could sit and be loopy and enjoy my puzzles and coloring books. Mom got all of her English words in for the day…woohoo! IMG_7241

The chemo was fairly easy this time. They shot me up with cortisone along with the happiness drug so that I wouldn’t get a reaction to the last spiteful drug. Instantly, I was feeling good as hell. So I started coloring and doing puzzles. I was like an ADHD kid. I had to play with everything in the bag. Crosswords went unfinished, parts of the pages went uncolored, and I didn’t care. That is a first for a person who HAS to finish things.  I was uber fascinated with this ball puzzle thing that Carla from school got me. I played with that thing forever!

The regimen was exactly the same: two nausea drugs, one anti-anxiety, the red devil, the two clear, and then the aluminum foil one straight from the devil himself. Only this time, we taped an angry Phil groundhog onto it, I glared it down, and we had some words. He was actually kind of funny. It made me giggle every time I looked at him.

As soon as the drug started, the sting started. Then the saline drip came on and I felt nothing – no pain, no burning, no reaction. My right arm doesn’t even hurt today. Big progress for me! And the whole process only took about six hours total. It really did whiz by. I think because everyone was occupied and with Maria there, Mom was feeling much more comfortable about the language barrier. Maria was our angel for the day.  And both Mom and I are eternally grateful!

I got home and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I have had a hankering to watch it since I watched Mary Poppins the other day. I love me some Dick Van Dyke.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was my brother’s favorite movie as a kid. I cannot tell you how many times we had to watch it with him. But sitting on my coach watching that movie, I was at my happiest. I was still super high and was singing and singing and giggling like the small child I used to be.

Then I crashed. I crashed hard. At about 8:30, I just couldn’t do it anymore. My eyes were drooping and my body was shouting HORIZONTAL NOW! I kissed Mom goodnight and crashed in my bed. I slept 14 hours. I woke up feeling great! Another successful battle with cancer. Kim 2: Cancer 0 Vamo’ Arriba!

6 thoughts on “Chemotherapy Treatment Number Two

  1. Do they do blood tests before each treatment? Allen’s platelets & wbc’s went too low to have the treatment at one point in his journey – kim, I am so glad you are doing so well – you will beat this, I know it & claim it for you


  2. Congratulations Kim! You are a force to be reckoned with! Cancer has no idea who it’s up against. So great to always read your profound and moving posts. I hope you know how many of us are living all of this right along with you, through your own words and sending you encouragement and love. Keep up the spirit and kick this disease to the curb! XO


  3. Best Wishes Kim,
    You are so strong and kind. You look beautiful smiling on this healing journey.
    LOVE to you and all, Mom Sanda, family and friends. X O…Donna & Chris


  4. Dear Kimmee
    You are an inspiration to us all.
    Your spirit
    Your spunk
    Your faith
    Will see you through this
    Much love and many prayers from Tennessee…. Susan Cardwell aka Ms. C


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