My favorite day: Foz do Iguaçu Brazil

I have traveled to many countries in my short lifetime. I have seen some wonders of the world. I have had my breath stolen from my very chest seeing beauty that truly makes you believe in something extraordinary. Foz do Iguaçu is one of those places. It easily makes one of my top favorite travel destinations so far.

I was wildly perturbed because it was raining, hard the morning I decided to head to the falls. It soured my mood just a little bit, not going to lie. But I told myself I was going to get wet anyways so headed to the bus station to catch bus 120. SIDE NOTE: One of the many praises I have for the city of Iguaçu is the public transportation. It is wicked easy to get from place to place and the bus costs around 1 USD. Line 120 gets you to the city center, the airport, and the falls. So convenient.

The bus dropped us off at the falls and already the weather was looking miserable. So I bough a 5 reals pancho and headed to the lines.

Here are my tips and tricks for navigated Foz do Iguaçu on a rainy day and still manage to have one of the best times of your life:

1. Go early!! I cannot stress this enough. The earlier you go, the more likely you are to get it all in without feeling rushed.

2. Pay for the park entry with a credit card. You can head to these machines in the corner and quickly pay. This save so much time as all of the other tourists wait in the long line for the tellers. It costs around 66 Reals for foreigners.

3. Hike, Bike, Kayak – The very first bus stop in the park is for an optional excursion. DO THIS FIRST!!! The rain is going to deter people from going. Now, you won’t be able to bike. No problem. Asked to take the Jeep trip for the first leg and walk the second leg. This was one of my favorite adventures in the park. Not only did I have the coolest guide who spoke five different languages, but the only other person willing to do this excursion was this super sweet (and cute) guy from Argentina. We literally got our own private tour of the park. Also, opt in to do the kayaks. It’s silly and easy, but we had tons of fun! This excursion also comes with food. If you are on a budget, take the items from the box of snacks and a few extra pieces of fruit for later. That can be lunch. The cost for this is only 150 Reals

4. Next go see the falls. Even though it is a rainy day, the crowds are still immense. If you are by yourself, there are guides all along the path who are willing to take pictures. No that the closer you get to the falls, the more wet you get. That 5 Reals pancho really came in handy. I recommend a GoPro or a waterproof case for cameras, especially when you get into the horseshoe and are right next to the falls. If you want to skirt the lines again, tell one of the guides that you are by yourself and chances are he will let you got through the exit to get onto the horseshoe quicker. Take some serious time to enjoy this moment. These are what you came for in the first place. They are truly magnificent and awesome. Cost is Free!

5. Macuco Jet boat Safari – I cannot recommend this enough. Circle back around on the bus and get off right after the massive hotel. This excursion is worth every single cent. First you start off on this wagon ride through the jungle. Opt to walk the second part. Totally worth it! Last is the jet boat to the fall and through the falls. You actually go under some of the falls. You will get soaking wet so bring some clothes to change into. They have lockers to rent for 10 Reals for all of your stuff. All you really need is a GoPro or waterproof camera. It was such a thrill to actually see the falls from below and to go through them. Plus you get awesome pictures of some of the Argentina side. A must do! The cost is 215 Reals but I got a deal with my hostel. Check to see if our hotel offers anything special.

6. You are fully wet and exhilarated. So change your clothes and head back to the entrance and get on that bus before the crowds start heading out. The park closes at 6, I believe. If you can head out a few hours before everyone else, you will get an actual seat on the long bus ride back into the city.

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