The Days After Chemo Number 7

It is true this chemo was way easier with the port, but man was I tired. I feel more and more tired as the treatments go on. But I will take sleeping fifteen hours to pain shooting down my arms. And still no nausea. I call this a win.

Since Mom is in the states, the UAS crew rallied like the Amazons that they are. Katie stayed the night with me on Thursday. Then Carla tagged in Friday morning. She made me a delicious quinoa salad because I said I prefer cold things after chemo and she cleaned my house. I slept until about ten in the morning. Poor Carla didn’t know whether or not to check if I was still breathing so decided to do some meditation until sleeping baldy woke up. When I finally did, I had some breakfast, Carla and I talked school and the morning whizzed by.

Valeria tagged in around noon and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with me. We had some lunch and talked Uruguay. Then the fatigue monster took over and I headed back to bed. Another several hours of hard sleep and the afternoon whizzed by.

I got up and blogged. Valeria graded some IAs. Then we had some dinner and I learned all about Valeria’s childhood and the dictatorship in Uruguay. It was really fascinating!  A whole different political perspective to my usual Nico conversations.  I made it until about ten and then I had to call it a night. Valeria spent the night with me to make sure everything was okay.

I was still a bit tired on Saturday, so I spent the day mostly on the couch. There were a few couch naps, time with Katie, watching Bohemian Rhapsody, some seriously yummy popcorn and more sleep. Sunday was more couch time, plowing through a season of The Good Wife, a walk, a missed pop-up, and dinner with Michael, Juan and Katie. And Ariana and Pedro were so sweet to bring over food for the next few days. I am so grateful to everyone for their help this chemo. I knew it was going to be difficult without my mom, but knowing I had awesome people around me helped make it all easier. I have the best people in my life.

Symptoms this time:

  • Lots of sleep
  • Red cheeks again
  • Feeling a bit hot and flushed but no fever
  • Gas of course (eye roll)

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