The Days After Chemo Number Two

Once again, I am feeling really good – no nausea, no major fatigue, and I didn’t even have the weird red face flush that I got last time around . But this time, I took it way easy after chemo because I had a goal…

My dear friend turned 40 on Friday. It was bad enough that I missed his actual birthday at school, but I was NOT going to miss his big birthday party Saturday. I made sure to not move from the couch for almost two solid days just so I had the energy to make it past midnight.  Tavis’ birthday was a milestone all around, a celebration of an amazing man who brightens my life on a daily basis. He loves nothing more than drinking good wine, eating good food, and being around good people. Well, I couldn’t drink the wine, was limited on approved foods, but was going to make damn sure that I was going to be ready to be around lovely people.

So I took my naps, I drank my weight in water, and I sat comatose watching films to make sure that I could put on a pretty red dress, leave the house at 9pm, and enjoy celebrating my dear friend for a few hours. 88c19f46-fb71-4138-943d-42da84dcfac5 My amazing friends, Javi, Carla, and Maria went out of their way to pick up me and Mom.  (Again, I work with angels!) And it was the best party! So many lovely people who love Tavis and realize what a angel he is in our lives.  It was so lovely seeing Tavis’ parents who made it all the way from Alaska! I can’t wait to spend more time with them as they stay for a bit in Uruguay. Tavis was the perfect host and seemed to have a great birthday. a04b24b9-50e2-45a9-a258-1036f7bd8168

Mom made me go home a little after midnight. I would be a dirty liar if I said that I wasn’t tired and ready. But I will take turning into a pumpkin at midnight if it means that I can live out my normal life only days after chemo.

Well, normal to a point. I am still wicked gassy. I know TMI, but it is the freaking Hindenburg up in here . As my friend said, this is body Karma for all of those times I judged other people for letting it rip in my presence.  It’s like the universe decided, “Nah, we won’t give you nausea. You get a pass on that. But you get to burp and pass gas your way through four whole days of after chemo fun.” Yes…sexy.😳💨

Other than that the itches are gone for now and everything else has leveled out.  I know that chemo accumulates, but I’m doing pretty good so far. One day at a time. Vamo’ Arriba!

3 thoughts on “The Days After Chemo Number Two

  1. I’m happy to hear you are doing well, Kim. And I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself and saving your energy for the things that matter most.
    Judging from the pictures, I’m sure the people at the party who didn’t know you were whispering amongst themselves, “that gassy girl in the red dress is BEAUTIFUL!” 😊


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