Mom Donates Blood

In Uruguay, whenever a person has a surgery, it is expected that blood donations are contributed in your name. Basically, the system is that you have family and friends donate blood to replenish the bank if there is a possibility you will use blood. It is a great way to keep the system free and accessible for all people.

My surgery for my port required one donation. So it was Mom’s turn to head to the British Hospital for some needle pricks. We tried to go on Saturday, but I didn’t read the fine print saying she had to fast for four hours before. Therefore, on Monday when I got my blood tested, Mom gave her blood. There was a bit of a snaggle when the blood pressure machine read low, but after some juice and another round of testing, Mom was ready to go.

The technician spoke English and actually had family in Corpus Christi Texas. She and Mom got along famously. Mom got the piece of mind that she will save an Uruguayan life someday. And I got a blood donor for my surgery. Mom really has been the biggest blessing to me through this whole process. She deserves a cruise around the world for putting up with all of this. But all I can give is a big thank you. That will have to be enough for now. img_8246

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