Why Colombia? Well, I heard it was Spanish Brasil. Who doesn’t love Sofia Vergara? And it’s warm during winter. The color, the dancing, the coffee. Colombia seems like my kind of country. So for my second big break, I decided it was the next adventure. My principal worked in Colombia for a while and will connect with me in Medellin. Then Katie will meet me for the end of my trip in Leticia. I had to change some plans a bit with the “no sun exposure on the leg for a year” doctors orders, but I’m still wicked excited to hike and bike and horse-back ride through Colombia. And this time I will actually be able to communicate with people! Win-Win. This country’s adventures include…

Bogota : July 11-12

Medellin: July 12-15

Cartagena: July 15-18

Salento: July 18-21

Bogota: July 21-24

Leticia: July 24-26