White Cell Problems Part Free…at Last!

I have finally been sprung from hospital jail! After three and a half days and three nights, I get to finally go out into the world and breathe the humid Uruguayan air. I don’t have to walk around with a plastic tube pinching my vein. I don’t have to be woken up at 7 for blood draws and antibiotics. I don’t have to watch another dubbed over movie. I. AM. DONE!

I almost grabbed the doctor and kissed her when she said that not only were my cells finally back in the 5000 range, but that the results showed no infection what so ever. I was good to go home. Then I almost proposed marriage when she told me chemo number four only had to be pushed back a day. I have this schedule so carefully planned around major events, and no matter how many times my mother tells me that I can’t control this, I am going to stick to that schedule, dammit!

Here is a breakdown of the days:

Sunday – sore throat in the morning that sent me to the emergency room. No fever. Received white cell booster and antibiotics. Sent home. Fever started in the afternoon. Back to hospital. Admitted. White cells at 14.

Monday – No fever but some back/butt pain. Movies movies movies. Books Books Books. Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles. Antibiotics at 7am, 3pm, 11pm. Doctor comes at 3:30pm to tell me that I need another shot. Shot given. Pain excruciating in my bones. Fever during pain period. Watched Flashback in Spanish. White cells at 160.

Tuesday – More antibiotics. More bad Uruguayan morning shows. (I don’t care that the show is called vamo arriba, those anchors are terrible!) Watched Forget Paris and Overboard that Mom brought from my house. Saw doctor at 12:30. ALMOST got the go-ahead to go home but that freaking fever from the day before made her hesitate. I don’t know whose face dropped further, mine or Mom’s when the doctor told us another day. No shot. Watched Pillow Talk and Something’s Got to Give. Changed IV from right to left hand because the vein was clogging. White Cells at 1730

Wednesday – More bad Uruguayan TV until Mom found House Hunters in English. Tavis and Diego came to visit and didn’t have to wear masks! Saw doctor at 12:30. No infection. Fine to go home. Chemo on Friday. No change in PET date. Besos! White Cells at 5030.

Normal White Cell Range for Healthy Adults: 4000-11000

So, I am home now. I’d probably be dancing around to Dolly Parton if I didn’t think Mom would kill me and chain me to my bed. I honestly don’t want to lie down or sit down for the next three hours. I want to be busy in whatever way that I can. And I don’t care if it is hot and humid, I want my windows open and the sounds of the city wafting in with the breeze. I have bruises all over my hands from the IV’s, enough track marks in my arms to make a junkie say WOW, and probably a few pounds missing from eating bland food. But ya ta! (For my English speaking friends, this is slang for It’s done or moving on). I am home and I have never been more excited to feel shitty all over again on Friday because it means that I am still on schedule and one step closer to being finished with all of this mess. I am so thankful to Dr. Pierri for stepping in while my doctor has been away. And to the nurses who patiently accepted broken Spanish and having to repeat things several times. You all were wonderful wonderful angels who held my hand and let me cry it all out when I needed to. But I hope that I never have to see you all again. Vamo’ Arriba!

3 thoughts on “White Cell Problems Part Free…at Last!

  1. Thanks for all the updates. I loved chatting with you. Your Mom must be exhausted from the past week. Give her a hug from me! Trust me, I feel your pain, yet being the Mom of a cancer survivor, I feel her pain too. You both are amazing😘❌⭕️❌❤️⭕️❌⭕️


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