Los Trovadores

One of my greatest joys right now is sugar-free ice cream. Before cancer, I didn’t really like ice cream. It wasn’t my favorite dessert and I didn’t crave it.  If someone was getting a cone, (Katie) sure, I’d get one. But I never went out of my way for ice cream. But man! As soon as they said no processed sugar and the summer heat hit, I ONLY wanted ice cream.

In the British Hospital, my ice cream obsession was finally satisfied. I looked forward to that little cup-full of sugar-free deliciousness every single meal. And then we figured out that the place is about a mile from my house. It is actually on the way to my massage therapist and angel, Carla. IMG_7988-1

Saturday, Mom went on a little adventure. She followed my map and found the store. AND she made a new friend. The young man behind the counter not only spoke English (and French…not that that helps Mom but is impressive nonetheless), but hooked Mom up with all of the sugar-free flavors! He even gave her sugar-free chocolate ice cream pops and some sugar free ice cream sandwiches. AND they deliver! Come to find out, he is the owner’s son. It is a small mom and pop ice cream store, and they are the only ones who do sugar free with nothing artificial, which is why the hospitals use them. It is yummy, healthy, and refreshing!

Eating the mint chocolate pop on my sunny balcony was a big summer highlight for me. I was all kinds of happy! I may never go back to regular ice cream again. So Montevideo people…this place has amazing regular ice cream (according to Mom get the Pistachio) and amazing sugar free ice cream (endorsed by yours truly.) They are ridiculously nice and helpful. Give them all of your business whenever you are in Pocitos.

Heladeria Artesanal Los Trovadores 
 +598 2707 5165
Gabriel A. Pereira 3202, 11300 Montevideo, Uruguay

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