Movies in Montevideo

I saw my very first cinema film in Montevideo last night. Katie, Cami and I wanted to go see Wonder (or as they call it here, Extraordinario). We have all read the book and love Julia Roberts. Plus, Katie and I have not experienced a movie in a theater here. The movie was lovely! It made me cry and cry and cry. And Julia Roberts was incredible!

A little bit about going to the movies in Montevideo:

  • Tickets will cost around 250 pesos depending on the day and time.
  • You can order online as well via Movie
  • Seats are assigned and new releases sell out quickly in advance.
  • For English speakers, you want to make sure the movie is SUB Español not DOB Español. SUB means that the movie will still be in English with Spanish subtitles. If you really want to practice listening, by all means. Try the dubbed over version.
  • There are no previews. There are only commercials before the viewing.
  • Popcorn and drinks are available at concession stands, but you can also pretty much carry in whatever you want. We brought in a bottle of wine, plastic cups, and snacks. Someone behind us brought in their mate.
  • English jokes may not translate as well, so you might be the only one laughing.
  • Releases are pretty close to the states. They might be a few weeks off, but major movies will be the same day release.

Watching this sweet movie was a nice emotional release for me. I’m like my dad. We can spend the entire day at the movie theater seeing one show after another. It’s my time to escape and unwind for a few hours. This was a much needed and pleasant Uruguayan experience. So if it is rainy or windy in Montevideo, and you need something to do, I highly recommend a subtitled film. IMG_3333.jpg

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