Filgueira Bodega

Before I left the states, one of my biggest selling points for Uruguay was its two main food and beverage industries, beef and wine. I love wine. Bartending and waiting at some of the most well-known fine dining establishments in Nashville gave me a new appreciation for good food and good wine. My pallet became more sophisticated as I grew to understand the intricacies of the wine process in Italy. I love the challenges of wine. I love the intimacy of wine. I love the pleasurability of wine. So when I found out that Uruguay has vineyards nestled fairly close to Montevideo, I was sold.

My amazing friend and colleague, Tavis, helps set up Bodega visits through Internations.



Each month they pick a new bodega to visit and tour. For the month of September, our bodega trip was to Filgueira.  It is an award winning family operated bodega about forty-five minutes outside of Montevideo proper. A bus comes and picks up the group. Then we experience an informative tour around the vines and wine processing area. Finally, we are treated to lunch parrilla style with tastings of several of the wines. When I say tastings, I mean bottomless wine pours.

Having just got back from Punta del Este, we hustled to get up for our 10am meeting time. People of all ages, from all occupations, and all nations converged to enjoy a picture-perfect afternoon of wine and food. We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. The sky was bright blue. Not a cloud shielded our sunshine. The vines were just starting to bloom. Bees buzzed around blossoming orange trees. There was even a playground for the young at heart.

Filgueira has several varieties of grapes growing on their estate. This enables them to make quality wines – both red and white. The Reserva Tannat was my personal favorite. They also have this delightful Sauvignon Gris. Not only was the wine and food delicious, but it was also a perfect day meeting new friends, spending time with established friends and being our best selves among the tranquil vines of the Uruguayan bodega. A must of Montevideo, I highly highly highly recommend a bodega visit. And if you can, put Filgueria on the list of wines to try.

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