College Throwback

I wish I could go back to college.
Life was so simple back then.
What would I give to go back and live
In a dorm with a meal plan again.
I wish I could go back to college
In college you know who you are
You sit in the quad and think “oh, my God
I am totally gonna go far.”


What do you do when you are living abroad and your 30th birthday is around the corner? What do you do when nostalgia for the good old days consumes every fiber of your being? What do you do when a beer pong table set up at a friend’s house immediately reminds you of your not-so-innocent-but-wildly-exciting youth? You throw a college party, of course!IMG_2387

Unfortunately, there were no togas in sight, but the gang emerged with college shirts, hats, and mentalities and came over the #602 for some delightfully mischievous college fun. Fajitas and Spanish rice were made – my typical college sorority food – and consumed with college-like rigor.

What I wouldn’t give for some Sunday cornbread and chicken from McClurg right now. ummmm. Then the table was cleared for some typical college drinking games. Fun Fact…for the countries like Uruguay that allow drinking at 18, college parties are not really a thing. We had to “sneak” our boozy fun in the states through philanthropic facades called the Greek system. We had to feign responsibility and housesit in order to have epic keg parties. In Uruguay, college is about studying (go figure) and really getting together with friends to go dancing at the clubs. So of course, we had to educate our South American friends on the utterly ridiculous, but oh so wonderful tradition of USA college drinking games. 2F282EB1-06E6-46B4-830E-20D650A82C12

We started with flip cup – a methodical marathon of taking beer shots before trying to flip a cup up-side-down with a slight flick of the wrist. It was like riding a bike. My flip cup muscle memory was on point! Next came beer pong. Brad, being our logical friend drew up an actual bracket for the teams. 92A8DD9E-F0B8-4EDE-856A-8F0754DD6E91Just goes to show that adulthood brings about a little more organization. The teams were drawn and the games commenced. Of course every college plays differently, so we had to decided on some common rules. I also loved that several people were not drinking, so we alternated in sodas for beer. We really are growing up, guys! The stakes were high as teams whittled down to the final match. Seba and Katie vs. Ana and Kim. Well, let me just say there was definitely a lucky side of the table (plus Seba and Katie have some made ping pong ball tossing skills) because Ana and I were destroyed. There were three whole cups left and we just couldn’t follow through. Katie and Seba…the beer pong champs!

Some of our lovely friends had early mornings and trips to get ready for so we said goodbye and gathered up the remaining: Kim, Ana, Brad, Katie, Seba, and Pedro. Now when I was in college, my friends and I lived for the game Kings. It is a card game where each card symbolizes a different challenge or goal and all are associated with who has to drink. (Fours = girls drinks, 8 = make a date and two people drink, etc.) Now being the mature adults that we are, we also had the rule that anyone who broke the circle had to have their faces painted. Needless to say, my blue eyebrows were pretty epic!A46C29E5-0BA3-4A51-8A77-DF273616AD89 Having the whole gang together made for some interesting rules. Like Question Master and King/Queen of the game. These were my personal favorites because it gave the person ultimate POWER!!!!!! Our game was of epic proportions. And of course, the winner was…everyone!

I woke up the next morning with friends sleeping on mattresses on my living room floor, blue eyebrows, an apartment reeking of beer, and a broken chair and all I could think was THAT WAS A TOP NIGHT!

Air high fives all around. Nothing could lower my spirits. Even the cleanup was fun, though I would have paid lots of money to have sorority pledges come in like good little worker bees and clean for me. For one night, I was transported back to one of the greatest times of my life. My college friends define me. My times at Sewanee are ingrained in my soul and my liver. And now I have these amazing new friends who are just as a part of me, my soul, and my liver as ever. I love that these people will put aside maturity and responsibility for a night and take little men off of their cups, kiss him, and put him back before taking a sip of beer. I love that they get wicked competitive over throwing a ball into a quarter full solo cup and do happy dances when they call “island” and actually make it in. I love that they come wearing t-shirts and hats with Oregon plastered on them because the Ducks will be represented! For seven hours we were carefree adult college kids simply enjoying each other and a night of silly games.

So well done, my beautiful friends! A big college well done!

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