Date Night with Tavis

I got the text message, “So glad to have my eating and drinking buddy back!”

My friend Tavis is loves tastes as much as I do. We love trying new food. We love experiencing fine-dinning restaurants. We love wine pairings. I have plenty of friends who share this love with me, but Tavis is special. He treats the experience like a rare treat, savoring every bite and enjoying every sip of wine. And he has this steal trap memory. He can tell you every taste we experienced, where the wines were from and who was the chef.

So, my very first outing after chemo was a date night with Tavis to a secret Wine event. Held on the rented out 12th floor of an apartment building, Piso 12 was a unique experience for everyone. Six long tables were comfortably placed into the space. You sat at tables with strangers, who by the end became drinking buddies. Wine after wine was explained and poured and course after course made it’s way onto our table. Mushroom and Brie flatbread, braised lamb, four different chocolate desert pops. Tavis and I were in heaven. Plus it was a time to catch up. Because my other favorite thing about date nights with my eating and drinking buddy is that we get to shoot the shit. It is like friend and food therapy all at once. He tells me all about his world. I tell him all about mine. Advice is given. Laughter bursts from our chests. School is discussed. A big salud to our friendship.

I cannot think of a more perfect first date to have after my last chemo. And the best part was that my taste buds decided to behave all evening. Not a single taste was off for me. Even the wine tasted splendid (which was not the case the previous weekend ). Getting back to normal means getting back to time with my friends. And I am so glad that Tavis was my first getting back to normal. Cheers, food and drinking buddy!

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