Leo’s Water Breaks

My poor baby has gotten to know the mechanic very well. Leo is an old man and one problem with getting old is lots of your parts stop working properly. When I purchased Leo, he was squeaky clean inside and out. His old owner took impeccable care of him. But after a few road trips and me still learning how to drive a manual car, Leo’s belts were getting a little worn out.

When I took him in for an oil change and check-up, my mechanic recommended changing the belts, especially the one around the motor. According to Nico, if that one breaks I will be seriously SOL. So, I made another appointment and took Leo back to the mechanic a few weeks later for his belt change.

I picked him up after his little surgery the following day. No sooner do I get him home then his water breaks. Anti-freeze was dripping all over the place. Another call to the mechanic, and Mom and I were back at the lot hoping it was going to be an easy fix. (Poor Leo is visiting his doctor as much as I am.) Unfortunately, the new belts were too strong for the coolant pump, so Leo had to have another surgery.

My old man is costing me a fortune, but at least we are all back and running normally.

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