The Domino Effect

This week is spirit week at school. It is always my FAVORITE week because we get to dress up silly and be really creative. Our kids are kind of lame at UAS. Unlike at Hendersonville where the cooler you were, the wackier you dressed, these kids think they are way too cool to dress up. But that doesn’t deter me from going all out and trying to get as many teachers involved as I can. If I do one thing at this school before I leave it will be to raise the school spirit. I am determined.

Today was “Squad Day” or group costume day. After a quick internet search, I decided the easiest costumes to get as much teacher participation as possible would be dominos. I emailed the teachers to wear all black and then Mom and I cut out white circles. Add a line of masking tape and we were good to go.  This was the result:

I have said over and over how much I love my colleagues and the fact that they will play with me. As long as they get some sort of direction, they get so into being creative and participating. img_8873As we were all lying on the ground, the belly laughter started. You can see the pure joy on our faces. It was just innocent fun. We were kids again.


I’m the one in the blonde wig.

It was a great memory for us and a great way for our kids to see their teachers just hamming around.

And our dominos had a domino effect on me. I was smiling and finding joy in things – a bunch of elementary students saying hi, the emo squad of kids, a packed lunch of stir-fry. I needed a few dominos to make me feel normal again. So thank you to my people for playing with me today.


One thought on “The Domino Effect

  1. Kim – such a cleaver and fun idea! Looked like a good day with lots of laughs. Everyone looked great! P.S. Love the blonde wig 🙂


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