Leo Gets a Bath and I Get a Title

It is official! I am the official title holder of Leonardo DecapriGol. Mom and I headed to the escribana (kind of like a lawyer) to pick up the official title. That should be the most exciting part. But in all honesty, it was just more legal stuff and a quick signature. The car was technically already mine.

Since Leo is a street-parked car, he gets some bird bombs sometimes. He was in desperate need of a bath. Now, typically every service in Uruguay is just that, a service. You don’t pump your own gas or wash your own car. But at this particular gas station, there was a self-service carwash. I looked at Mom and she looked at me. How hard can this be.

First I couldn’t figure out why the stupid machine had weird ridges for the coin slot so that my coins wouldn’t fit. Duh, because you need to get a special chip inside AFTER paying. Would also explain why there were no prices. Then we couldn’t figure out how to fit the coin in and push the number that we wanted. A nice serviceman helped us and explained everything. Two coins that needed to be replaced because we did it wrong was a small price to pay for the adventure of washing Leo in Uruguay.

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