Leonardo DicapriGol

It was supposed to be Wednesday, but this is Uruguay where delays are inevitable, so Thursday at 6:30pm Mom and I Ubered my hopefully last sober Uber to the house of the notary. As we were pulling up, Miguel and his wife were pulling up in my soon to be car.


Javier Bardem (aka. Miguel)

I had a check and my ID card. Miguel had the car’s ID card. The notary had the paperwork. I am sitting in this little room while rapid Spanish is being thrown around me, understanding about 35% by the time the reading of the legal document was finished. I got at least the understanding that insurance is important, the title will officially be changed over to my name in about a month or so, I am now fully responsible for the car, and something about an oil change. I have copies of everything to take to school to get translated. Then Miguel signed. I signed. The check was signed. And Wow Bam!

$5500 USD bought me a 1996 Volkswagen Gol 1.6 cli 2 door manual in turquoise green and lovingly named Leonardo DicapriGol (Leo for short).  76bb1b91-e56b-45e7-bf26-9baadc095128-1

Again, this was Miguel’s baby, so he spent at least 15 minutes with me going over all of the bells and whistles, plus spare parts he has bought for it over the years.

Things I now own: a car, a box of window seal, a box of headlight bulbs, a spark plug, another doohickey I have no freaking clue about, a bottle of oil, a bottle of water (not for you drink I was told), a spare tire with bolts, a radio with remote, a steering wheel lock, and six different keys (ignition, trunk, gas tank x2, lock, and the valet spare). img_7872

Things my car has: automatic windows that go up when I get out of the car and press the remote control to lock the car, the ability to recline the seats, a first aid kit, heat, forward and back windshield wipers, USB jack, defrost, a wind and rain shield on both windows, an alarm.

Things my car does not have: AC and seat belts in the back seat (It was a different time in 1996, apparently).

Things I now know how to do in my car: Check my oil, fill the water tank thingy (only when it has cooled so I don’t get burned…been there, done that), turn on my alarm, adjust my seat (move and shove to the right), turn on my lights.

Things I have yet to learn how to do in my car: Not panic on hills as it is rolling backwards, properly put it in reverse the first time, not flood my engine when trying to park on a hill, know exactly when to go from fourth to fifth, and contemplate avoiding streets because there are hills.

But, I am completely in love. Leo is my first old car in my driving life. (Bring on the spoiled jokes) My first manual car. And my first love affair with a younger man (only three years younger than my brother). Leonardo DicapriGol is going to give me so much access to an Uruguay I have not experienced yet, and I am so excited!img_7889


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