Piriapolis with my People

When you have a day of feeling well and a friend asks you and your mom to go on a road trip for the day, you say HELL YES!

Piriapolis is a beach town snuggled along the Rio de la Plata. Montevideo people especially love to go there because it is close and doesn’t have the high society atmosphere of Punta del Este. To us, it looks like the Jersey Shore circa 1995. I have come to really love this tacky little beach town, only made better by the company with me. 905d3f97-2dc4-4b88-bf64-ee3119b9462a

Tavis and Diego picked Mom and I up and we headed down the Rambla towards the Ruta. The windows were down. The wind was blowing and I was in my happy place snuggled in the back seat watching the Uruguayan scenery pass me by.

We decided to eat at this little fishing hole-in-the-wall for lunch. Mom was in mid-anxiety mode about keeping me clean, but eventually lifted up the experience to her Almighty and figured what the heck. Even with lower white cells, the experience itself was worth anything that happened, so I simply gave cancer a big middle finger and ate my fish. I even indulged in some non-sugar free ice cream. Hot damn, delicious.

It was a scorcher of a day, but that didn’t deter us for doing a little window shopping and judging.

As Tavis and Diego made their way to say a saludos to Diego’s aunt, Mom and I found another hole-in-the-wall pizza shop with outdoor seating in the shade. We bought a big ol’ liter of cold agua con gas and sat watching the street and the residents of Piriapolis. In the shade, it really was a beautiful day. img_7791

Then came my favorite part, Tavis and Diego picked us up and we headed up the hills toward THE BULL. Cerro del Toro is a really pretty place with a Gaudi-esque fountain and bronzed animals, including the infamous Toro. Rub its genitals and you get good luck. You better believe I rubbed with all of my being, with a little extra for kicks and giggles. My luck needs to change a bit, and I will rub every bull testicle in Uruguay if it means never going through this cancer thing again. We were like little children with this bull, as comparable to the ACTUAL children who were vying for a turn to tickle some testies. Poor Diego was the only adult among us. (It is because he is Uruguayan 🤫)

After one last pat for the road, we headed down the hill for some incredible sun-set views and a final decent to dinner. Every 29th day of the month in Uruguay is gnocchi day. You place a bank note under your plate for wealth and prosperity. (Oooo, I need some of that, too!) So, we headed back towards Montevideo and Grace’s house. Grace is a lovely woman who opens her home as a restaurant and BnB. As soon as we pulled up, my heart was won over by the incredibly cute puppy! Could it get any happier than this?!

Cats and dogs roamed the place, tables were set facing the beautiful inlet of water and sand dunes, and delicious food was placed on the table. It was one of those authentic travel experiences that you only get if you know a local. Thankfully, we do! Can it get any better? I submit it cannot! Or can it…

With my belly full of gnocchi and my heart full of puppy I was at the highest level of awesome. Until, one of my favorite things happened. One the dark drive home, the sky filled with lightening! Awwwwww!!!! I LOVE lightening! And these strikes were phenomenal. Ok, so NOW it could not get better. The day had been perfect with my perfect people. img_8120

And the luck must have worked because no spike in fever, no sore throat, no nothing to indicate my cells were on the fritz. Mom thinks it’s God, but I think that bull and I had a connection. We will see on Monday if that holds true. Gracias, Tavis y Diego. Ustedes son la paz para mi corazon.  Besos.

One thought on “Piriapolis with my People

  1. Sounds like such a fun and awesome time! I can’t think of anything that would bring more luck than bull testicles! If laughter is the best medicine, it looks like you all had a good dose. That, along with a lot of love. Thanks for sharing such a perfect day! 🙂


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