Total Eclipse of the Heart

Mom and I were invited to watch the lunar eclipse with Tavis and Diego at Carla and Javi’s house. It was completely last minute plan-making, but that is what I love about these four wonderful people. Carla and Javi opened their home, fired up the parilla, and invited family and friend to sit in their backyard and watch the moon. All the while Tavis and Diego made delicious homemade pizzas in the background.

I cannot stress enough how much I love Javi and Carla’s house. I feel this amazing peace when I walk through the door. I love discussing Harry Potter with Cata. (Thank you so much for my new Ravenclaw mug!) I love playing table tennis and getting my ass handed to me by their son, Juan. (Rematch…I will defeat you!) I love the stories that are shared, the meats that are prepared. I love feeling like I am part of their family and they are a part of mine. And I love Tavis and Diego. I love Diego’s wicked sense of humor in both Spanish and English. I love Tavis’ kindness and effervescence. And I love that everyone at the table simply likes good food and good people.  e7521307-4a2a-4f12-8698-c68daed4628f

This special night was a long one. The total eclipse didn’t occur in Montevideo until 2:30 in the morning. But I was determined to see it. Bundled in blankets and shawls, we stared at the phenomenal sky. Carla’s small nieces, wrapped like sausages, slept on the trampoline. Binoculars were passed from hand to hand. As we watched the earth shadow the moon, my heart was full. Because in that moment, all of my other stuff was being shadowed by pure love from my chosen and blood family. Mom stood behind me, leaning on my shoulders. Tavis stood behind Diego trying to take pictures of the moon through the binoculars. Carla sat with her legs curled up under her, every once in a while checking on the sleeping girls. Javi stood in the back keeping watch over his people and making sure everyone, especially me were okay. In the states thousands of miles away, my Dad and Aunt Dawn and Uncle Mike were staring up at the same moon we were texting pictures. There was this profound connection. That little song “Somewhere out There” from An American Tail popped into my head. It was a string of moments of happiness and contentment where my illness was eclipsed by a moon and some amazing people watching it.


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