Christmas in our PJs

All I wanted for Christmas was to remain in my PJs and watch Christmas movies. And I got my wish plus a little extra.IMG_7877

I woke up to the sweetest slips in my stocking. Mom and I decided that instead of presents, we would write notes of wishes – items or ideas that we would get each other if we could. For example, she would buy a yacht to sail around the world and I would get her a way to speak to Gram and Papa again.

After reading all of her notes, we started our tradition of Breakfast tacos and mimosas. Only this year with my alcohol ban, it was orange juice and agua con gas. Not going to lie, the fake mimosas really were not bad at all. I did cheat on the tortilla for the breakfast taco. I just couldn’t substitute for that one. IMG_7425

Then I started my favorite movie, White Christmas. I sang along to Sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters. Cried when the General got his christmas present. And drooled over the black dress that Rosemary Clooney wears during her solo song. We heard from all of our family and I gave people Christmas challenges.

  1. Hug someone a little longer than usual
  2. Ask someone new or unfamiliar to tell you a story about a childhood Christmas
  3. Quote a Christmas movie all day and try not to get caught, ya filthy animal
  4. Do one thing you have never done before on Christmas

Well done, Mike Foegie! You won the challenge and have officially earned my love and affection for the year. Also shout out to Dad who did my other Christmas challenge. SJQU0414

Then on to Love Actually  – A movie that I can and did quote from start to finish. That was followed by the ever classic A Christmas Story. Although it wasn’t 24 hours worth, it did bring back memories of a hotel in Fort Worth with a dog, a new dad, a mom and two kids going to meet the adopted extended family.

Then we took a break and took advantage of the beautiful day. Mom and I took a long Christmas in the summer walk to the Montevideo sign. It was a perfect day with families on the beach, music playing at a few venues around the beach, the summer sun baring down on us.

When we got home, Mom started the Christmas tradition of making spaghetti with meatballs and I put on A Muppet Christmas Carol. Tis the season to be jolly and joyous. Again, cheated with spaghetti, but it was Christmas and SOOOOO worth it. I love my mommy’s spaghetti more than anything. To quote Ed Coyle, Mom’s spaghetti sauce is chili without the chili powder. There is more meat than sauce and I love every minute of it. Of course she can’t find tomato paste, so she improvised, but it turned out really really good! We stuffed our faces and were immensely happy. IMG_7835

And the Christmas cheer didn’t end there. Nicoas, the sweetheart that he is, came over to exchange presents. We also exchanged Christmas traditions. Explaining the importance of A Christmas Story to an Uruguayan is really entertaining. We talked about cars and family. Nico and Mom shared pictures. Nico enjoyed left over apple cobbler. It was a really nice surprise. It was the first time a boy I have dated ever spent a Christmas with my family. Wow! Plus I was super proud of my translating skills. Although Nico speaks more English than even I knew, there was still periods I needed to translate back and forth. Word to me and my learning! IMG_7411

All-in-all it was a perfect Navidad for me considering the circumstance that brought us all to this place. It was exactly how I wanted to spend this time with the people in my life. It was exactly how I want to remember Christmas 2018.

3 thoughts on “Christmas in our PJs

  1. Wow!! Love your Christmas stories & decorations You certainly know how “ to make lemonade out of lemons”!!!! You and your Mom are TWO unbelievably creative amazing, talented ladies😀! Thinking of you both Much love, Darryl

    Ps…is your scalp feeling sore?

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Kim, another amazing and special day with your mom! What a gift you are to each other. She can cook and craft and shower you with love. Wish I could meet her! So happy that you had such an amazing Christmas. Sending all good wishes your way ! ❤️🎄


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