To My HHS Family

I received the sweetest video from my HHS family. I love you all so much. You have no idea how much this made my day! I miss you all like crazy and want you to know that ya done made me cry and laugh and feel very very very loved.

To Carmen: You look amazing, girl! But you always look amazing. Thank you for putting this together for me. I love you from the bottom of my heart. And I miss teaching with you, laughing with you, gossiping with you, and drinking some wine with you every single day. Wait…syntax order makes that seems like we drank every single day. Ok, only our first year, but still. I miss the heck out of you. You know, we really need to get our acts together. Or at least the universe owes us one for this year. But, I am going to get through this and you are just going to keep being amazing and strong and then we are going to celebrate in Rio! You are amazing and always will be my favorite teacher ever!

To Sam: Dammit, Sam! You made me cry like a baby showing me that you haven’t erased my note. And then you made me laugh out loud. But you were always good and doing that. I miss your goodness. I miss your determination and your love for teaching our students beyond the classroom and the curriculum. And I miss your humor. I found a prankster here, but it just isn’t the same. I love you so much and am so grateful that your son is doing well. Again, the universe owes us one for this year. I can’t promise coming back, but I can promise a visit this summer.

To John: You have not changed and I love that! I miss your tranquility and humor so much. I miss grabbing a beer with you. And I miss the kids coming down interviewing me for your journalism class. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas as well. Give my love to your family.

To Ashley: AWESOME sweater! I am so bummed I missed that day. And I still cannot figure out how you can make an ugly sweater look so good! No broken nose can take you down, sexy thing. Jeez, our English department has had some crazy “luck” lately! Your words meant so much to me. You better believe I am going to kick this thing right in the ass. I am strong…like bull! And I would give my left arm for a glass of wine right now. So, believe when I come for a visit, I will be bringing a bottle for us to share! Keep kicking ass teaching and coaching!

To Billingsley: My gosh you have not changed either. Get it together, man! Still making me laugh out loud and still goofy, I see. I miss the heck out of coming to visit you in the counseling office. I am so glad that you now know where Uruguay is! You are very welcome for the trivia. I am just saying, when you win because of me, I expect a commission. I wish you a Merry Christmas. Have a blast spending time with your beautiful girls.

To Cheri and Missy: I thank you for your prayers. I loved seeing you both and miss your smiling faces. I used to figure out random things to take to the front office just to see you guys because you always brightened my day. Your positivity and support helps make me positive, so thank you!

To Amanda Elmore: I love seeing the gymnastics videos of your little girl. It makes me smile every time. And the “too happy on chemo” is because they shoot me up with really good drugs before that makes life really fun! Plus, I have amazing people like you on my side. That makes the fight easier. Updates are coming. Enjoy the time off with your family. Keep whipping those ninth graders into shape.

To Debbie Sheets: Seeing your face ALWAYS makes me smile. I miss you so much! I cannot tell you how many times I wished you were here for me to unload all of the crazy. You were one of my rocks at HHS and could always make me feel good about teaching and kids. Girl, go get yourself a pedicure! If there is one things I have learned from all of this, it is the fact that life is too short not to treat ourselves. I love you back.

To Mr. Cotter: It is so good to see you! You were one of the best things to happen to our school and I know all is well with you there at the helm. I thank you for your support. Tell Mac I love her and love seeing her pictures. She looks amazing and happy. There is nothing better for me than seeing that. Enjoy the time off with her. Give her and your wife my love!

To Karen and Candice: You guys are amazing! Amazingly brave to stand out there with all of those nasty bare feet! Those halls are gross. You should probably tell those kids to put on some shoes. haha. I love you both so much and hope that the year is going well for you. Thank you for taking care of my babies in their final year.

And finally to my last class at HHS: To my babies, although you are not babies anymore. Now you are Seniors and you have one semester to go. I am so beyond grateful to know each and every one of you. You were all little ninth and tenth grade stinkers once, stuck in my class for one reason or another. You dealt with the crazy no-shoes lady, the energetic bouncing ball of energy, the meanie who made you write until you didn’t think you could write any more. And now you are young men and women about to head out into that world where you will do good deeds, think great thoughts, and be your best versions. I am so remarkably proud of you and humbled by you. I remember every single one of your bright faces, could tell you stories for days about every single one of you. Heck, I probably have to my kids right now. Hearing your words of encouragement and love is food for my soul. You all may think I made the difference, but the truth is you were all the ones who made me a better person day in and day out. You are the ones who allowed me to go out into the world knowing I was leaving behind young people who were going to be just fine. You are the ones I try to be the best version of myself for. So, yes, I am putting my best foot forward (with shoes on because my doctor says I am not allowed to be bare foot while in the chemo process). I get up everyday and try to do my own good deeds, think my own great thoughts, and be the best version of myself because you all taught me that it is possible and necessary. And hey, sometimes life kicks you a little cancer, but I hope my lasting lesson to you all is that you kick it right back with humor and positivity and love. You have made me a very happy teacher and a very healthy person today. I love you all with all of my heart. And know that I will be watching the live stream on graduation day, cheering as loud as I can from the bottom of the world for you, my babies. Go out into the world and do good deeds, think great thoughts, and be the best versions of yourselves.

Ms. Kim Coyle


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