Feria Gastronomica

If you are traveling to Montevideo, make sure to check out Facebooks and blogs for information on any fairs (Ferias) that are occurring in the city. There are the weekly ferias that take place along closed streets and in parks. But a few times a month, there are specialty ferias. Two weekends ago Katie, Ana and I made our way to the old city to take part in the Feria de gastroeconomica. Local restaurants from around the city converged into a block of deliciousness. Craft beers and wines flowed continuously. The scents of meats sizzling on open grills filled the air. Mothers and fathers carried children from tented areas to park benches, expertly balancing to-go containers. Dogs frolicked around, both on and off leashes, desperate for fallen scraps. Trash cans overflowed, a sign of copious happy stomachs. We started the afternoon with some craft beers as we perused the block of tents, deciding on lunch options. I was taken with the falafel option. Katie went in search of an asian inspired concoction. Ana held our spots on a knee-high wall that lined the park. Of course we also had to test the wine, so I bought a bottle for us to share. All of our goodies were delicious, and the people watching was on point. DJed music blared from speakers on the other side of the central statue in the park. Children laughed all around us turning the various park amenities into playground equiptment. Men and women walked around sipping mate. Every once in a while the pungent smell of weed wafted in the air. The sun warmed our outsides as the wine warmed our insides. It was a picture-perfect day. So I implore you, be sure to include local ferias into your tour of Montevideo. Not only will you enjoy a peak into Uruguayan culture, but you will also get to experience delicious goodies from the myriad of restaurants. Be sure to bring some cash. Try out the various samples of olive oils, honey, tea, and cheese. Cop-a-squat under the trees, share some small plates, enjoy a cervesa and breath in the traquility and peace that is Uruguay.

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