Book Club: I’m Judging You

I love book clubs! I was in three different ones back in Nashville. So when Mariel suggested that I start a faculty one at UAS, I jumped on the opportunity to read interesting books and discuss them with my peers from all cultures and walks of life. I chose the satirical book I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual. The author, Luvvie Ajayi is a satirical blogger and comedian who sees the world through spunk and hilarity. I thought it would be an interesting book to begin considering she is a Nigerian immigrant and brings up some serious hot-button issues. I really wanted to get the Uruguayan and international perspectives on feminism, racialism, the plights of social media, and the perpetuation of a rape culture.

Lots of people at school showed interest in joining the club and reading the book. But alas, most of the interest fell through as we got closer to the date. Nevertheless, Katie and I were determined to have a successful book discussion. And one of our teachers asked if her mother could join the conversation in order to practice her English. Her mother is a retired English teacher and seeks out ways to actively use a language she loves. I was so excited to have her join. She was going to offer a new cultural, generational, and educational perspective that I was seeking.

I chose an AMAZING book store and cafe as our meeting location. It was suggested by our lovely elementary counselor, Marisa and it did not disappoint. If you are in

Montevideo and love books and ambiance, make sure you check out Escaramuza. Book shelves line every wall from floor to ceiling. And the old colonial feel of the building just adds even more character. There are also crazy cool decorations that would make any Pinterester squeal with joy. 


Katie and I sat down and order some delicious carrot cake and coffee. Shortly, we were joined by Ana, the mother of my colleague. Ana is absolutely delightful! She reminds me so much of my high school English teachers – so poised and controlled and elegant. I loved every minute of meeting her and hearing what she had to say. She also gave us insight into the Uruguayan perspective, especially surrounding feminism and the role of women in Uruguay. We had a lovely conversation. So even though there were only three of us, I consider our first book club a success. Hopefully, we can convince more people to join in on the conversation for September’s book!

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