The Wine Experience

The amazing Tavis organizes wine events through the ever fabulous Internations, which brings international people together through community events. This month the Wine Explorers of Montevideo went to a little wine bar in Mercado del Puerto called The Wine Experience. This is an amazing venue! It is well decorated, super open for mingling and conversations, and run by two of the most passionate and knowledgable wine lovers! They know their wine. They love their wine. They sell their wine. And they also immediately won my heart with their Jack Daniels display.

Jack Daniels!

When I first walked in, I immediately walked over to a table full of beautiful people. Nathalie is from France, Felipe is from Brazil, and Magela is from Uruguay! They immediately made me feel welcome and we so much fun to drink wine with! I also met this super cute couple. Paula is from Uruguay and her boyfriend is from Germany. They were lovely! Come to find out, all of these beautiful people live right by me. More new friends to hang with…yay! I also got to spend the night with my newbie homies…Greg, Nancy, and Alex. Plus some of my favorite UAS teachers Tavis, Gabriel, and Edison!

Tavis opening the evening with his fabulousness! I heart this man so much!

The cutest couple, Nancy and Greg

My favorite Canadian!

The night started with a Sauvignon Blanc. It was light, fresh, and had notes of grapefruit. The second was a Ballena white. It was a little more forceful on the tough and had a nice finish. Definitely a good one for a fish.

Tasting number one

Second tasting





Then it was on to the reds (tintos). The first was a nice classic Tannat. It had all the flavors of Uruguay that I’ve been drinking these past few weeks. The second was my favorite. It was the red of the Ballena brand. It was a Tannat-Viognier. The grape is from France so of course Nathalie LOVED it. It had a super bold taste and lingered on the tongue. It is perfect for lamb. Finally, we topped off the evening with Equilibrio. It was a Tannat-Merlot. Because I liked the Bellena so much, I was not a huge fan. It would be fine for a table wine, but not after a more forceful flavor.

Tasting three

Tasting four

Tasting Five





We also had FABULOUS tapas by the talented chef Roberto Connio. I cannot wait to try his restaurant Es Mercat. The brie and pear and the lamb were my favorites!

You know you want some!

It was a fabulous evening filled with great food, wine, and people. I am beyond glad that I went, especially on a school night. And thank you to Tavis, for giving us all an opportunity to experience an important side of Montevideo, the wine!

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