The Best Part of Uruguay

I cannot even begin to explain how lucky I feel to know the people I work with. And through them, my list of awesome people to know continues to grow and grow. From day one, I have fallen in love with these amazing people who are not only fabulous educators, but also fun and amazing souls who make me laugh and think and give me all of the feels. These people have been my rock when the world was a bit shaky. They give advice when I am completely lost. They check up to makes sure everything is going okay. Their strength gives me strength. And I am just enough of a sentimental fool to say that I am truly and deeply grateful to have each and every one of you in my life. So cheers to you all!


The most beautiful girls in town, both inside and out! Mariel and Ana!

What made me love this girl even more than I already do? She wore this fucking awesome wig to the futuristic birthday bash!

My Admin Divas! You all were some of my first friends. Thank you for teaching me Spanish and how to deliver groceries to my apartment! I love you to the moon and back!

Two of my favorite people of all time. You both make my heart smile! THE Tavis and Tendai

The cutest couple in town and the best Game of Thrones hosts in this world and beyond! Pedro and Ariana

The Lindas!

Katie brought these awesome party hats with the soccer team on them. I think these ladies rocked the hell out of them.

Yeah, when the music plays, we know what to do! Dance like no one is watching!

Ready for the clubs!

My new favorite New York/Uruguayan Jew! (Thanks Ana!) Please be the Abby to my Ilana! L’Chaim

My wonderful new Uruguayan friend! Not only did he patiently speak to me in Spanish and help me practice, I don’t think I have ever seen this handsome man without a smile!

This guy has the best sense of humor! I love me some Chris. AND he is married to my favorite art goddess. That just makes him that much cooler!

Not going to lie…we are some sexy mamas!

My other favorite person showed up to the party late, but I was not about to let him out of the selfie fun. Gabriel! You make my entire life good!

The besties!

Love these gentlemen! They are some of the smartest and sweetest people I know! Seba and Brad!

And the one and only Katie! I could not have made this transition without you girl! I am beyond thankful for you! #rollerbladegang

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