Fiesta, Forevea!

I’m a little late posting this one, but it has been a particularly busy first full week of school.

So last weekend I decided to have a little party for my colleagues to celebrate the first few days of school.  I invited everyone whose numbers I had and asked them to invite anyone they wanted. I provided the food and asked everyone to bring a bottle of wine. We also had a secondary ed party at one of our math teacher’s house after school. I was a little nervous that people would be a little partied out, but I just went with it. I was VERY proud of my little spread I put together.

Food for friends

My beautiful elementary friends showed up first and helped me put everything together. Katie brought some champaign to celebrate! The party was started!

Hour-after-hour more people showed. I counted 15 people in my apartment at one point, which makes me super happy for two reasons: It means the people I work with are super fun and willing to drive to Punta Carretas to celebrate with the newbie. And my apartment can hold 15+ people!! Win win!

It was a blast as conversation rolled, bottles of vino were emptied and food was devoured. It was the perfect ending to the beginning of a new year.

Proof of Party Success

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