Feria in Parque Zorrilla de San Martin

One of the selling points for my apartment is its location near Parque Zorrilla de San Martin. It is a beautiful green space surrounded by high-end apartments. The park has a

sports club in the center and a playground near the top that is always full of families during the afternoons and weekends. I love the serenity of this park. And best of all, it is right behind my apartment building. Every Saturday, vendors come and surround the park with their stands and stalls. It’s called a Feria. You can buy anything from clothes, to household items, to Mate gourds.

There are books, toys,


shoes, incense and candles.

At the top of the park are all of the food vendors. Rows of fresh fruits and vegetables line the streets. Trucks blast cool air

trying to refrigerate the meats and cheeses. Barrels of nuts line the walkways. Elderly senoras bring their roller carpet bags and stock up. Couples stroll with their mate through the stalls. Children play on the playground while mamas and papas shop.

Going to the feria  is one of my favorite Saturday activities. Not only is it a great place to practice my Spanish, but the fresh produce is so delicious and inexpensive that I can get all of my basic shopping done for the week. And again, it’s right by my apartment so carrying all of the bags is not a problem. So if you are coming to Montevideo, you must check out the multitude of ferias. Brush up on your bargaining skills and do some shopping. You will not regret the experience!

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